Why 'Log In with Facebook'?

One of the most vulnerable areas in account security is ensuring that users have set a sufficiently difficult password. By using the single-sign-on (SSO) service offered by Facebook, we can avoid the need for users to create a password for the portal. Instead, we can effectively 'stand on the shoulders' of Facebook's secure authentication processes.

The benefits of single-sign-on apply to many areas:

  • There's NO PASSWORD to remember: The most obvious benefit is that you can log into our services without providing your credentials each time. If you're logged into Facebook; then you can log into the application portal with a single click. There's no additional password for you to remember.
  • It's more SECURE: Attackers are unable to use brute force techniques, because authentication happens between our servers and Facebook's. You're also protected from phishing attempts. Attackers cannot gain access to your account by knowing your credentials (username and password), because you don't use any credentials to access the site.
  • It keeps things SIMPLE: If you'd prefer not to login with Facebook: we offer a traditional authentication option using your email address and a password. However, in order to maintain account security - we enforce a strong password difficulty. Your password should not be based on a common english word or phrase, or a pattern on the keyboard. We recommend that you use a password generator to create a strong password.
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